What is Cacao?

Cacao is made from the edible bean of the Cacao tree.

After cacao beans are harvested from the tree, they are removed from the multi coloured pods and used to make chocolate. Unfortunately most chocolate bars are highly processed and made with synthetic ingredients.

Cacao is the only ingredient used in our Peruvian Be Loved Cacao

What's the difference between pure grade cacao, regular cacao and cocoa?

Pure Grade (often termed ceremonial grade) Cacao (pronounced kak-aow) is cacao in its purest form, made from rare criollo beans with nothing removed and nothing added and contains all of the naturally-occurring cacao butter. Pure grade cacao is made with minimal processing.

Cocoa powder (pronounced koko) has been roasted for long periods of time at high temperatures, which strips the bean of it’s abundant nutrients.

Raw Cacao such as the Cacao found in health stores and supermarkets is often labelled; organic, raw, superfood. This Cacao is highly processed with the bean’s natural healthy fat (cacao butter) removed, along with destroying many living enzymes and subtle energetic properties.

Does Be Loved Cacao contain caffeine?

Pure grade cacao contains a very small amount of caffeine, about the same amount as a cup of decaf coffee.

Our cacao contains theobromine which is a naturally occurring stimulant, providing you with alertness and focus, similar to drinking coffee but without the crash which often comes with caffeine.

Is there a quicker way of making Cacao?

Att Be Loved Cacao, we’re aware of how busy lives can be which is why our cacao comes pre-grated.

We also love making our cacao in a velvetiser (if you like smooth and velvety then this device is a must), simply add your ingredients to the velvetiser, press the power button and within only a few mins, your cacao is ready to be poured into your fav mug and enjoyed.

We love Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser though have recently discovered that Asda now have their own version at a much cheaper price.

Do I make my cacao drink with water or milk?

It is recommended to not use dairy or soy milk when making your cacao as it blocks the positive effects of cacao.

Although cacao can be made using water, we personally prefer our cacao to have a rich creamy quality. This of course is personal preference. You can use dairy free milk such as oat, rice, coconut, hazelnut etc.

We recommend using unsweetened dairy free milks so that you’re not adding an unknown amount of white sugar to your cacao. If you prefer your cacao with a sweeter taste then try sweetening with coconut sugar, maple syrup, vanilla or our ceremonial blend.

How is Cacao consumed?

There are a limitless ways of consuming cacao. The most popular is to drink Cacao as a warm drink.

For ideas and inspiration, check out our favourite Be Loved recipes here.

Can I drink cacao at bedtime?

Everyone responds differently to cacao, some people find they sleep well and even have lucid dreams when consuming before bed, others find it difficult to sleep so it’s best to test for yourself.

If you’re considering drinking at night time then consider trying a smaller 10g serving.

What are the benefits of Be Loved Cacao?

You can read about the many benefits of Be Loved cacao over on our blog page here.

How often should I drink Cacao and how much should I use?

We recommend a maximum of 80g of cacao per day, many of our customers enjoy just 1-2 (20g) mugs per day. Find an amount which works with you and your body.

A popular time to drink Be Loved cacao is first thing on a morning (try replacing your morning cup of coffee/tea with cacao).

Feel into what your body needs, you may find that some days you can’t go without having a your fix of cacao, other days you may not feel like having any at all.

If you’re drinking for more of an energy boost (similar to that when drinking espresso coffee) then the suggested dose is up to 42.5g. Otherwise we recommend up to 25g per serving.

Ensure you drink plenty of water approx. 1 hour after consuming cacao.

Does Cacao have a use by date?

Our cacao packaging states that it’s use by date is approx 2 year from purchase, though the quality of the cacao has been tested beyond this date and is perfectly fine and safe to consume after this date.

What might I experience after drinking cacao?

After drinking your mug of be Loved Cacao, it is common to experience some or all of the following;

  • A boost of energy
  • Heightened mental focus
  • Changes to heart rate (cacao is a vasodilator)
  • Cacao can speed up the metabolism – if this happens then you may like to try decreasing the quantity per cup
  • A greater sense of wellbeing and knowingness that all is well

Over consumption of cacao may cause nausea, sweating, headaches or palpitations so please use wisely and respectfully. 

I'm pregnant, can I drink cacao?

We are not aware of any issues with pregnant or breastfeeding women consuming cacao. We would recommend a maximum daily amount of 20g, perhaps start with a lower dose and build up to 20g.

If breastfeeding then just take note of your baby and how he/she responds to your milk as some babies may not like the taste of cacao.

Can children consume cacao?

Many children love cacao. We would recommend a lower dose than what an adult consumes. A serving of upto 10g per day may help a child with focus and creativity.

Can animals consume cacao?


Are there any contraindications with drinking cacao?

Please check with your GP before consuming Cacao if any of the below relate to you.

Medication (Antidepressants)

SSRI antidepressants and anti-psychotics are not compatible with the MAOI’s (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in cacao. Low doses are generally fine, people on higher doses should drink less cacao.


Cacao generally increases the heart rate.  If this is a concern for your body then please check with your GP before drinking.

Blood Pressure:

Cacao tends to lower the body’s blood pressure. If this is a concern for your body then please check with your GP before drinking.

Taking other substances:

If you are taking any other substances then please be aware that cacao increases blood flow to the brain by up to 40%… this may cause the effects of any other substances in your blood to be increased/amplified.


Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, we have a couple of options for this, you can either purchase wholesale from us with our Be Loved branding, white labelled or we can brand our cacao with your own branding. For more information including pricing options please email us at


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