Organic Spirulina Powder 100g


Spirulina powder is an antioxidant superfood jam packed with nutrients, including vitamins (vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E), minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium), and is particularly rich in protein, containing all the essential amino acids needed by the human body.


Spirulina powder is a type of blue-green algae that’s packed with nutrients and has several potential health benefits.

We’ve listed some of the key advantages:

  1. Rich in Nutrients: Spirulina is incredibly dense in nutrients. It’s a great source of protein, vitamins (especially B-complex vitamins), minerals like iron and potassium, and essential fatty acids.
  2. High in Protein: It’s one of the most protein-rich foods available, making it an excellent option for vegetarians and vegans. It’s also a complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.
  3. Antioxidant Properties: Spirulina is loaded with antioxidants, which help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. This can help reduce inflammation and lower the risk of chronic diseases.
  4. Supports the Immune System: The nutrients in spirulina, particularly vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, along with minerals like zinc and selenium, help boost the immune system.
  5. Improves Digestive Health: Spirulina contains fibre, which aids in digestion and can help prevent constipation. It also contains probiotics that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut.
  6. May Help Lower Blood Pressure: Some studies suggest that spirulina may lead to lower blood pressure levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
  7. May Improve Allergy Symptoms: There’s some evidence to suggest that spirulina may help reduce allergy symptoms, although more research is needed in this area.
  8. May Aid in Detoxification: Spirulina may help detoxify heavy metals from the body. Its high chlorophyll content is thought to be responsible for this detoxifying effect.
  9. May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels: Some studies have indicated that spirulina can improve blood sugar control, which is beneficial for individuals with diabetes or those at risk of developing it.
  10. May Enhance Exercise Performance: Due to its high protein content and various nutrients, spirulina might help improve muscle strength and endurance, making it popular among athletes.


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