The Power of Two – Cacao & Subliminal Affirmations

Here at Be Loved Cacao, we’re a strong believer in drinking our cacao mindfully, and even though we love setting the scene with candles, oils, and really taking this time to meditate and just breathe, some days a personal ceremony is not realistic due to our busy life commitments, and though we all may have our own rituals for drinking our cacao we wanted to share our favourite with you, which is listening to subliminal affirmations and takes less than the time it takes to drink our mug of cacao (best listened to with earphones or headphones).

The thing we love about subliminal affirmations is we don’t need to do anything except listen and know that they are working their magic while we sit back, relax and receive.

Subliminal affirmations are more powerful than the usual audible affirmations, and the reason for this is because generally, when we here affirmations or speak them, such as ‘my body is radiant and healthy’, our mind may struggle to accept these as truth, if the current state of our body is not of good health. When our conscious mind is out of the way, it enables the affirmations to go direct to our subconscious mind.

Our subliminal affirmations are recorded and layered underneath either relaxing music or nature sounds, and you may wonder how the subconscious hears them if they aren’t heard by the conscious mind, but this is because the subconscious mind can process approximately 20,000000 bits of info per second, as opposed to the conscious mind which only process approx. 40 bits of info per second.

If you’d like to try one of our subliminal affirmations which has been created specifically to work with your cacao then you will receive this audio when you purchase your next 500g or 1kg bag of Be Loved Cacao or Wild Sea Women Cacao. If you buy our cacao via monthly subscription then you will receive this automatically. A selection of downloadable Subliminal Affirmations will be available to purchase from our Be Loved Cacao shop very soon.

Our subliminal affirmation are created by Hayley Dorian


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