Where to buy Ceremonial Cacao UK

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is different from your run of the mill chocolate such as Cadbury’s or Nestle.  Although these types of chocolate are appealing to the palette, they contain a high volume of unnatural and addictive ingredients and are melted at high temperatures which strips the chocolate of its natural goodness.


Be Loved Cacao’s minimal processing means that the cacao retains its original, natural goodness. Be Loved Cacao is 100% Cacao with nothing added and nothing removed, it is simply chocolate in its purest form. Cacao is often referred to as the food of the Gods, with a rich history dating back over 4000 years from different cultures, such as the Aztecs, Incas, Maya, and Olmecs and was classed as a Godly drink which was mainly consumed by the Royals and the rich people of the times. The Aztec warriors would drink a concoction of Cacao first thing in the morning with the hopes of a victorious day ahead.

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The Benefits of Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Cacao contains a large amount of Flavanols and Magnesium, these nutrients are known to have energising qualities which prevent fatigue. The magnesium in Cacao plays a part in the energy production and muscle function within the body and therefore boosts your energy levels for the day.  The flavanols in Cacao also protect the body against oxidative stress and toxins in the body that come with everyday life, giving Cacao a natural stress relief quality. Cacao also contains potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron and zinc, and also has the ability to trigger dopamine and the endorphin phenylethylamine. Not only does this potent combination of vitamins and minerals found in cacao increase focus and boost mood, they both also decrease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and stress. Scientific research confirms that chocolate helps relieve emotional stress. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4350893/



Where to buy Ceremonial Cacao in the UK

Right here! Be Loved Cacao is Ceremonial Grade, and is hand grated, making it easier for you to prepare your drink. There are other sites in the UK that sell Ceremonial Cacao but most, if not all are sold in chunks. Here at Be Loved Cacao, we do the hard work so you can simply spend the extra time enjoying your Cacao. Order Here


Avoid using animal-based milks and Soya as these milks block intestinal assimilation of flavonoids.


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